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Gun Safe, Wall Safe, Floor Safe and Fire Safes.
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The mission of A1 Quality is to "Provide our dealers with the highest quality security solutions in the fastest possible timeframe and to back up all of our sales with a satisfaction guarantee."

Need advice on which safe is best for your customer needs. Or on how to install a safe. Lost key, combo, touch up paint. We can help. Please go to contact page and call or email us. Our dedicated customer service representatives care about you

A1 Quality is committed to meeting the needs of its dealers by providing the finest quality safes at the best value in the industry.

A1 Quality will soon be recognized as the one place to buy wholesale and drop ship all types of safes. From wall safes, gun safes, floor safes, burglary resistant safes, fire proof safes, data and media safes to hotel residential and high security safes

Every 10 seconds a burglary occurs, Burglary is a threat to everyone and it happens without warning. Most stolen items are never recovered, and insurance claims won't adequately cover your loss.

Before choosing a safe you must ask the following questions:
What kind of safe do you need?
Where are you going to install it?
What do you want to protect cash documents ?
How much stuff will you want to put in?

Answer those questions and check on the following features to see which safe you will need.

Fire and Data Media protection is one of the most common goals in a home and business security plan. Computer media is so easily damaged, manafacturers recommend computer media not be exposed to temperatures over 125f or humidity over 85% even a hot mug of coffee late represents a real hazard,so imagine what a small fire would do. We offer different safes to meet different fire protection requirements. Our fire safes offer protection ranging from 30 minutes to two hours at temperatures as high as 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. This exceeds the 1200 degree temperature of the typical structure fire.

Burglary Protection safes are designed with security in mind. These safes are typically made from thicker solid steel. They feature hinges which are hidden on the interior of the safe door. The doors are recessed to reduce prying. In short, these are purpose-built safes. Anti-theft safes are available in differing security levels, with the most secure products weighing and costing the most. (You will not want to drop one of these safes on your toes!!)

Burglary and Fire Protection Safes. Our BF 1318 high security safes will exceed the needs of most home and business owners. Fire rated burglary safes offer an affordable solution when burglary and fire protection are an essential part of your buying decision.Protect your home business with the professional grade if you need extra protection

Floor safes are typically designed to be installed into a bed of concrete in the floor. Floor safes often feature very thick solid steel doors. Higher-priced models may have reprogramable digital electronic locks. Floor safes are usually cylinders but may also be rectangular.

Wall Safes offer convenience and maybe even a bit of movie star appeal. Our Anti-Theft wall safes are built to fit between wall studs in standard 2"x 4" (16" on center) construction

Our gun safes are U.L. Certified and proudly display the U.L Residential Security Container burglary resistant label. When fire and burglary is a concern your gun safe can be customized with a certified 350° F., 32-minute fire liner.

We have a wide varity of gun safes, hand gun safes and gun safe accessories.

A1 Quality Hotel and residential electronic safes feature easy installation, maintenance, and management features. The electronic hotel credit card safes have become a popular choice in the hospitality industry. Designed with the traveling guest in mind, They can adequately secure laptop computers, cameras, jewelry and other valuables in the most user friendly home safes made.

Depository safes are designed to provide immediate deposits and secure storage for cash, jewelry, and miscellaneous valuables. Money deposit drop can be made through a locked door via a top-loading rotary hopper, a reverse hopper or a front-loading deposit door.

Waterproof Safes are designed to protect documents from damage due to fire or water. Actually, the product has been designed to float in the event of flood. In the event that the safe is fully submerged, it has been tested to resist more than a foot of water for eight hours. If you have simple document and similar valuables to store, this is a great product for you.

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